It’s summer and everyone wants to simplify their makeup especially on hot hot days!  Nothing creates a great summer fresh faced look then a splash of CREAM BLUSH on the cheeks!

I happen to use cream blush on everyone all year! It acts as a primer base for powder blush for me which lets the blush stay all day! But cream alone on the cheeks looks stunning since there are so many to choose from now.  The first experience I had with cream blush was with THREE CUSTOM COLOR SPECIALISTS who kinda were one of the pioneers in my opinion. Til this day I still carry 4 shades from them. As time passed many lines launched creams including TARTE, MAKEUPFOREVER, STILA, MAC, BOBBI BROWN and FLOWER BEAUTY.. I happen to love them all and mix and match. I love to contour with a good cream blush too. U at home can try Bobbi Brown’s Uber Beige or STILAS cannelle. NARS makes some great contour sticks as well which i have been using.

When applying, easier to use your warm fingers to make it part of your skin and top it off with translucent powder or a swipe of a powder blush on top. STAY TUNED for my cheek tutorial at ULTA BEAUTY coming soon!








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