Jim DeMarco On Your Saving Grace for Winter Skin

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1. Since Winter’s temperatures create a blustery affect on our skin, my top picks are all skin care based. First, a richer moisturizer is mandatory both day and night to replenish and rehydrate. I love PETER THOMAS ROTH LASER-FREE REGENERATOR gel. I have normal to oily and breakout prone skin and I use it all the time. Another old cult fave is NARS AQUA GEL HYDRATOR. Its a mask and moisturizer (2 options) with a high concentration of hylauranic acid which instantly hydrates and plumps the skin. You can use the mask over any moisturizer at night to make it penetrate into the deeper skin layers.

2. My second must have is superb eye cream with extra hydrating benefits and my top choice would be SKINCEUTICALS EYE BALM which will sooth the under eye’s skin and soften lines of stress and dehydration.

3. And my last pick is the tried and true ROSE BUD LIP SALVE. Everyone needs this day and night under or over lipstick to prevent chapping.

Applying Makeup to Winter Dry Skin

My best tip is to use a great hydrating primer over a moisturizer before using any makeup products. Put your super matte primers aside and opt for a light and creamy primer that gives radiance to the skin. It will help the skin look “alive” in the midst of frigid temperatures and can work just as well with a little concealer and powder on top. LAURA MERCIER has a fab primer. Both oil-free and regular have great texture for the winter season. For those on a budget I suggest ELF COSMETICS MINERAL INFUSED ILLUMINATING PRIMER. It has a smooth and glide-able texture and will light up the skin from within.

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