Over The Counter Makeup Tutorial using Loreal Paris

Complete Look using Loreal Paris Makeup


As a longtime makeup artist I always get asked “what are the best products” …My answer…...I LOVE THEM ALL. Go Play! I say!  But quite honestly, over the counter products are a different breed! There are many to choose from but I always go back to L’OREAL PARIS as my GO TO over the counter makeup brand! I love their formulas, texture, pigment and ingredients. Carbon Black Voluminous is still my all time favorite mascara and they have to die for lipsticks that are cheaper and just as stunning in formula and shade as major Brand ones in department stores. Their Tru Match foundation, although a bit heavy for the lightest of users, still has the best coverage for a flawless canvas! From shadows to liners they are A+  for me.  So for your viewing pleasure I have a tutorial using their makeup with colors that are eye popping and not the norm but mixed and blended in a way that adds a bit of spice to anyones makeup drawer. ENJOY!

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